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Trading The Rules For The Exceptions? Well, Mostly.

In life we have the rules, and then we have the exceptions. A sampling of the rules go something like this:

  • Women are the weaker sex.
  • Abortion is the legalized murder of a baby.
  • Men in the market for a wife prefer untattooed, debt-free virgins.
  • Government assistance leads to government dependency.
  • Masculinity is a good thing.
  • The man is the head of the home.
  • Christianity has a positive impact on civilization.
  • Guns save lives.
  • Terrorism is a decidedly Islamic activity

All of these statements are not only true, they are obviously true, and so are the rules. But there are exceptions:

  • But there are some women out there who are stronger than some men.
  • Some babies, by their presence in the womb, threaten the life of the mother.
  • Some men are fine with tattooed, previously promiscuous, debt-ridden women.
  • Some people use government assistance to escape the government’s hell-holes.
  • Some men are brutes.
  • Some men are despotic tyrants in their home.
  • Some who go by the name of Christian are destructive to society.
  • Guns are used to cause harm.
  • Timoty McVeigh

In the revolutionary shift that our society is now deep into, the shift appears to be based on the rejection of the rules in favor of the exceptions. Sometimes one exception can prove a rule false. If the rule is, there is no god, then the discovery of a tangible enough god to convince the most hard-core of the secular humanist would prove that rule false. The attempt, I suppose, is to carry this sort of logic into general life where one exception voids the rule and then attempting to order society and life around the exceptions. So these become the new rules:

  • Women are stronger than men.
  • It’s good to kill babies in the womb.
  • Tattooed, promiscuous debt-ridden women are the best to marry.
  • Government assistance ought to be expanded more and more.
  • All men are brutes.
  • Men who think that they are the head of the household are despotic tyrants.
  • Christianity is destructive to society, and it always has been, just look at Hitler and the Crusades.
  • Guns are evil.
  • Non-Muslims are just as likely to murder innocents to advance their cause.

So in contemporary thinking, the exceptions are the best way to order a society. But, as with all rules, there would appear to be exceptions even to this rule. Case in point:

  • Most Muslims are not terrorists.

This is the rule, yes. It’s not the exception to the rule. It is the rule. But since Islam is not Christian, and since Islam has a fair amount of vitriol for Christians and Jews, then the rule stands supreme, and so the exception:

  • The vast majority of terrorists are Muslims

…is suppressed. That this thinking is more dangerous than a gun is cast aside for whatever reason and we are left with this:

  • Islam, unlike Christianity, is good and righteous.

We live in a time of absurdity, to say the least, and it is a dangerous absurdity.


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